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5 December 2016/Insight

Technology is Central to Creating new Sources of Revenue for Hotels

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Hannah Forbes

Hannah Forbes

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Technology is Central to Creating new Sources of Revenue for Hotels

The latest technological developments within hotel TV bring together the hotel brand, the guest and local facilities to offer an exciting new communication and revenue stream.

Guests are no longer satisfied with a hotel screen that simply gives access to live broadcasted television viewing, and hoteliers are realising the potential that guest TV represents. With the move towards Smart TV, the in-room TV screen is a hub of communication, enabling guests to connect their own devices whilst the hotel and local businesses have access to high impact, direct messaging through bespoke graphic user interfaces.

Forbes Professional offers a fully customisable, bespoke content generation portal that provides an impressive, user friendly platform for optimising on brand and hotel messaging, driving revenue towards specific areas, and delivering promotional content in an efficient manner. It can also replace guest directories and eradicate the need for costly and outdated in-room stationery. Simple to navigate, our innovative system also represents an advertising space that can be sold to local businesses who are always keen to communicate with hotel guests as they are an attractive source of income.

We provide an end-to-end solution and work closely with our clients to design, build and content manage the channel, as required. A hotel’s branding is important and it is essential that every touch point reflects it appropriately. Our information channel is designed in such a way as to reflect the hotel’s brand image and specific requirements so each project requires a unique approach. Configured by a straightforward interface, content is cloud based and can be updated immediately, from a centralised location, which appeals to marketing teams, and multi-site operations.

The only pre-requisites for this portal are Freeview-enabled TVs and an activated internet connection to facilitate any internet based content such as news feeds.

Forbes Professional are a leading supplier of commercial hotel TV with rental and purchase options. If you are interested in more information and require a complimentary site survey to ascertain the specific requirements and a demonstration, please contact our commercial team.

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