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Simple to integrate

Compatible with all laundry machines, our payment system uses mobile data, Bluetooth and Stripe technology so it can be activated without an installed internet connection.

Washing machine with Airwallet terminal and app visualising the use of Stripe Payments and Bluetooth usage.

Simple to use

Our flexible solutions include centralised contactless payment systems and work in synergy with our secure, user-friendly app. Enable a simple one-step process with no pre-loaded credit.

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Simple to manage

We offer both rental and managed laundry solutions. Take control of your laundry operation and receive a transparent report of all transactions and activities via an online dashboard.

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Enhance user satisfaction

Hassle-free, one-step process. 

Our centralised payment system enables convenient contactless payments without the need for using laundry cards, pre-loading credits, or relying on outdated coin-operation. It makes your laundry machines immediately accessible to all users.


The desired laundry service can be effortlessly selected on the screen and paid for on the Stripe terminal below. Once the payment is processed, the system sends a signal to the chosen appliance to make it ready for operation.


This laundry solution is suited to a wide range of applications, including student accommodation and PBSAs as well as serviced apartments and holiday parks.

Airwallet accepts the following payment methods

App-based options

Our consultants work with clients to find the right solution for their requirements. As well as offering contactless payment systems, we can provide an app-based solution that enables remote booking and monitoring of machine availability.

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