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Save time and money with an on-site commercial laundry service.

Commercial operations can save themselves both time and money by avoiding outsourcing their commercial laundry service and choosing reliable industrial laundry equipment for an in-house laundry operation. A commercial laundry function is a key service for any hotel, care home or commercial environment and it is always important to streamline processes whilst ensuring that stringent hygiene standards are maintained at all times.  Forbes Professional helps clients source the best commercial laundry machines for their specific requirements.

Hotels are establishing highly efficient processes thanks to commercial laundry equipment.

A lot of hotels initially start by laundering just their towels with a view to progressing to processing the bedding in the house at a later stage. This is because laundering towelling items do not require any specialised finishing but enables them to realise significant and immediate savings. Whether clients wish to establish a fully comprehensive laundry function, with numerous commercial appliances and ironers, or a smaller laundry facility for self-service usage, we can find the right solution. With a nationwide network of depots and engineers, we provide a fast, centralised and professional service support for our commercial laundry equipment, which is a huge benefit for multi-site organisations across the UK.

Regulation compliance is a key consideration when choosing commercial laundry appliances.

When choosing and installing commercial laundry appliances it is essential to be mindful of the applicable industry and water-board regulations.  Depending n the industry, your organisation will fall into a specific WRAS category which will denote the contamination risk that your laundry process poses to the water supply. It is essential that commercial environments are aware of this and that the industrial laundry machines that they choose meet the stringent hygiene standards for both regulation adherence and infection control.  Forbes Professional is a highly respected commercial laundry equipment supplier and has a team of industry experts who advise all clients as to the applicable regulatory requirements of their industry.  We provide a wide range of industrial laundry equipment that is fully compliant with the most stringent specifications.

Payment solutions are ideal for self-service industrial laundry machines.

Payment systems now enable simple card or coin payment solutions for industrial laundry machines.  In order to maximise on footfall to self-service laundry rooms, it is essential to ensure that your industrial laundry appliances are easy to use and can be operated by a number of payment methods. We offer a wide range of payment solutions for commercial laundry equipment, which are highly popular choices for universities and sheltered housing providers.  Forbes provides payment machines that can facilitate contactless, Apple and Android pay as well as top-up card and coin activation.  Our options include managed laundry and revenue share solutions where clients receive a commission from the income generated but are entirely relinquished from the management of the operation.  Some organisations prefer managed laundry options as it simplifies their audit process, increases profitability and delivers complete financial transparency. Our team of experts work closely with our clients to help devise the system that best suits their requirements and their chosen commercial laundry machines. Click here to view our payment solutions for commercial laundry operations; as installed for numerous universities, housing associations and sheltered accommodations. 

Commercial ironers are invaluable additions for any professional laundry service.

When providing a professional laundry service, commercial environments like hotels, care and nursing homes and serviced apartments, can benefit hugely from a rotary ironer. Saving time and producing immaculate end results, these machines come in a variety of sizes and can process sheets quickly and professionally, saving your employees both time and effort, whilst ensuring a reliable consistency of standards.  Forbes Professional’s team of experts can advise you on the finishing products that we have available, ensuring that can deliver a professional laundry service at all times.

Organisations can now access the best commercial laundry equipment as leading laundry brands to deliver premium, innovative solutions.

The best industrial laundry appliances are the product of cutting edge innovations and exquisite engineering. Every detail is scrutinised and perfected. For instance, Miele commercial laundry equipment undergoes rigorous testing over 20,000 hours of operation under laboratory conditions.  Forbes is proud to be partnered with Miele, Maytag and Primus, which enables us to offer the very best commercial laundry equipment. All of our equipment is from leading commercial laundry brands and is fully supported by our first class service support.

 It is essential to secure a reliable industrial laundry company for the on-going support of any commercial laundry machine.

When choosing an industrial laundry company, it is important to ensure that your chosen commercial appliance provider can give you the service support that you require. When things go wrong you will need a fast service response in order to minimise downtime and inconvenience to operators or end-users of the commercial laundry equipment.  Forbes Professional has been established for almost 100 years and has an expansive nationwide service network that facilitates the same/next day engineer response for all rented commercial appliances.  Our in-house engineers are fully trained and will either fix a commercial laundry machine on-site or provide a replacement model on a like-for-like basis.  It is our first-class service support that has enabled us to build our reputation as a true professional and reliable commercial appliance supplier for both laundry equipment rental and purchase.

Informed commercial laundry equipment suppliers help organisations make the right equipment choices for their specific requirements.  

Commercial laundry equipment suppliers have a responsibility to ensure that their clients are making the right product choices for their specific requirements. To that end, it is important to undertake detailed site surveys and to consider all of the necessary industry regulations.  As a trusted commercial laundry equipment supplier, Forbes Professional is well placed to advice upon all of the necessary compliance and logistical factors that need to be considered when installing an in-house laundry facility. Our team of experienced laundry advisors have an average of over 15 years of industry service and are true experts in their field.

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