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University Campus with a student using a washer and dryer machines
University Campuses

We can work with you to create a managed on-campus launderette that can boost footfall to provide a significant revenue stream whilst making life easier for your students.

Icon with surrounded by people, where a washing or drying machine is placed in the centre, and pound and euro signs above with arrows pointing up and down. To simulate key worker's generation regular revenue streams.
Key Worker Accommodation

An on-site managed launderette will help you attract more key workers to your accommodation and give access to a regular laundry income throughout residency periods.

An icon with washer and dryer machines in an enclosed area on a camping site, pound and euro signs above with arrows pointing up and down. To simulate key worker's generation regular revenue streams.
Leisure Sites

A launderette is a key operation fora holiday park or campsite and a managed laundry can enable you to effortlessly boost profits and improve your site facilities.

Centralised pay points

Our systems for centralised pay points include coin, note, cashless card or key and credit/debit card options.

Mindmap that shows different types of payment methods: cash, key, contactless and credit/debit card options

Payment solutions

All of our payment solutions in perfect synergy with our commercial washing machines and tumble dryers to deliver a highly efficient laundry function.

Two wash and dryer machines, showing how they work seamlessly with such payments systems as Nayax for card payments.

Revenue sharing options

Revenue sharing options enable regular accountable collections that raise user satisfaction and increase efficiency.

A coin being pushed in, coins stacking on top of one another and two bars driving vertically upwards. One with efficiency, and cogs turning above it. The other has satisfaction written underneath it, with a smiling face above, and confetti behind it. This demonstrates how revenue sharing options equal greater efficiency and satisfaction.

‘One Step’ card payment machines

‘One Step’ card payment machines facilitate a streamlined process that suits our cashless generation and delivers complete financial transparency.

Two wash and dryer machines, showing how simple it is to pay via  ‘One Step’ solution such as Nayax for card payment machines

Simple machine management

You can control a number of machines via a simple user-interface that is compatible with most contactless bankcard systems.

Simple user-interface controlling three types of washer or dryers.

Eliminating the risk of fraud

Cashless pay stations are increasingly popular and eliminate the risks of fraud and misuse that can be associated with unsecured coin-operated laundry machines.

Contactless card connecting to payment systems is end-to-end encrypted

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