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21 January 2024/Insight

Forbes Delivers a Premium Laundry Experience for Luxury BTR Accommodation.

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Hannah Forbes

Hannah Forbes

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Amidst the landscape of premium living and built-to-rent (BTR) apartments, a seamless laundry experience is a non-negotiable aspect for discerning clients. Forbes Professional works on a national basis, offering a revolutionary solution with Miele commercial laundry equipment powered by our user friendly Smart payment app as well as our centralised contactless payment system.

Attached is a video of a meticulously planned installation, designed specifically for BTR premium living apartments. Clients seeking a central laundry room equipped with high-spec, durable equipment, and cutting-edge payment technology turn to Forbes for a partner they can trust – from the initial design phase to installation and comprehensive ongoing support.

Our installation process encompasses the full spectrum of services, ranging from CAD design and site surveys to the installation of venting, drainage, and electrics. Forbes takes pride in its close collaboration with building contractors, architects and BTR suppliers, ensuring a seamless process from the conceptualisation of design to the final installation.

At the heart of this premium laundry setup are the Miele commercial laundry machines – robust 8KG models that guarantee a highly user and energy efficient performance. What sets this solution apart further is the integration of Airwallet's Smart Payment mobile app and Central Pay Anton Solution; ensuring ultimate convenience and flexibility in payment processing. Our payment systems are simple to integrate, simple to navigate and simple to manage. We enable clients to take control of their laundry operation and to receive a transparent report of all transactions and activities.

For clients in search of a reliable BTR partner for central laundry solutions, Forbes Professional sets ourselves apart with our first-class reactive and preventative maintenance. Experience our commercial laundry solutions in greater depth.

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Simplify your laundry process with our contactless payment solutions by Airwallet
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