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22 April 2022/Insight

Survey reveals TVs should be a priority for PBSA planners.

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Hannah Forbes

Hannah Forbes

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Survey reveals TVs should be a priority for PBSA planners.

PBSA News recently published the results of a Here! Student Living survey about students’ needs, expectations and experiences when it comes to their accommodation. It revealed that students spend ‘roughly 13 out of 24 hours a day in their bedroom.’  Nightlife was second to fitness as the top the priority for university students, who cited the proximity to a gym as their most pressing criteria. However,  they ‘ ranked a TV higher than a desk in order of things the room needed.’

Many PBSAs fall short of providing TVs for their students due to the incumbent cost and service requirements as well as concerns regarding TV licensing. It is important for PBSAs to consider that increasing numbers of students are now living at their parental home because they feel that university accommodation is not meeting their expectations.  Consequently, it is vital to ensure that student accommodation offers a true home from home experience. A TV is a central part of that living experience, and large screens with SMART accessibility are becoming the standard. Students want to be able to access their favourite content on the big screen, and accommodation providers need to offer a secure means of that delivery.

Forbes Professional is one of the leading suppliers of TV to hotels across the UK, working with luxury boutique hotels as well as international brands. Our wealth of experience enables us to deliver PBSAs secure TV solutions that meet all student expectations. Clients that choose our Complete Care rental solution avoid costly upfront payments and benefit from a first-class service support at no extra cost for the life of the contract.

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