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2 February 2016/Insight

Soft Fluffy Spa Towels with Forbes & Miele

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Hannah Forbes

Hannah Forbes

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Soft Fluffy Spa Towels with Forbes & Miele

With the hotel spa industry growing exponentially, the spa area is becoming a crucial barometer for measuring hotel standards. Guests expect excellence when they retreat to the spa to relax and unwind after a busy day; they expect a transformative experience that will leave them feeling rejuvenated and restored. Judgements will be made not only the treatment options available, but also on the facilities and the atmosphere; and fluffy clean towels are central to creating the right impression.

In our experience, the laundering of spa towels is a key area that hoteliers handle in house. The processing of towelling items does not require the same level of expertise as the bed linen does, and it is an area close to the main service which gives hotels both quality and cost control. With an in house laundry facility, hoteliers are relinquished of the worry of delayed returns of towels, or substandard end results.

Choosing the right laundry equipment is key to running a successful operation. Our Miele commercial washers and dryers provide an optimum cycle, with patented honey combed drums to protect the fabric, and towel specific programmes to ensure that no guest will be disappointed.

Where space is of a premium, Miele's Little Giants provide the perfect solution. They offer the utmost in utility, flexibility and simplicity of use, with stackable options to minimise their footprint in the room.

Forbes Professional always assumes a consultative approach and strives to devise a bespoke solution for each environment. We provide comprehensive user training to ensure that all equipment is fully maximised. After our delivery, our nationwide infrastructure and expansive network of engineers facilitates an unrivalled same day engineer response service.

Contact us for advice on how to achieve the right laundry solution for your Spa.

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