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10 August 2015

Serviced Apartments Focus on Design and Technology as the Sector Gains Momentum

Hannah Forbes

Hannah Forbes

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The serviced apartment sector is a key business area for Forbes Professional, and one that is currently growing exponentially. WATG, the world's leading design consultants for the hospitality, leisure and entertainment industries, just released a really positive report on serviced apartments, and the direction in which the market is heading. They identified the emerging travelling trends and the way in which new products and interest has lead to considerable growth within the industry. It makes for interesting reading.

Whereas previously, serviced apartments had predominately assumed a mid-market positioning, this year will see the emergence of luxury branding within the sector. This shift, coupled with the high expectations of Generations X , Y and Z will change the dynamics of modern travel. There is a call for an innovative and responsive approach to designand technology from within the hospitality sector. As the marketplace evolves it is fundamental that trends are anticipated.

With guests expecting access to efficient yet simplistic functionality whilst away from home, the sector needs to keep abreast of technological advances. Multi media platforms and full connectivity is requisite for millenial travellers, and they will expect full interactivity between in-room technology and their mobile phones or tablets.

Forbes Professional provides serviced apartments with integrated appliances as well audiovisual solutions for full connectivity. We have a solid understanding of sector requirements, and assume a consultative approach in order to devise a bespoke solution for any environment. After installation all of our clients have the peace of mind afforded by our comprehensive backup service.

Read the WATG report here ...

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