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31 October 2017/Insight

Maximise Signage Potential in your Hotel Foyer

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Hannah Forbes

Hannah Forbes

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Maximise Signage Potential in your Hotel Foyer

There is a growing trend towards installing digital signage in hotels, and the opportunities it presents to the hotelier as well as the impact that it can have on the visitor experience are considerable.

As a transition point for guests, a hotel foyer receives an audience that is very responsive to any information about the hotel or the locality. Digital signage can deliver this information in an engaging, striking and fun format, without being obtrusive. From an aesthetic point of view, signage can also add visual appeal and provide entertainment whilst modernising the hotel lobby and elevating the first impression.

Forbes Professional provides a wide range of signage solutions that enable hoteliers to blend promotional, welcoming and informative messaging with live video streams. Our fully customisable software perfectly compliments our display screens for a complete turnkey solution. As required, we can help with content design, build and management. Every element of the design can be tailored to our clients’ specific requirements and branding, and all content is stored in a cloud-based location to enable remote updates. This centralised solution is ideal for multi-site operations, or hotel marketing teams.

Our screens represent an invaluable platform for improving visitor familiarity with the hotel and the local area as well as and highlighting specific events, luxury amenities, the hotel restaurant or special spa promotions. It can also be a source of additional revenue stream if the platform is sold as an advertising space to local businesses. Our touch screens provide a more interactive way-finding experience and are also a great way to receive and display the all important guest feedback.

Forbes will be exhibiting our freestanding digital posters at the Independent Hotel Show Olympia where we would be delighted to discuss how signage could add value to your hotel.

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