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28 October 2022/General

Forbes Professional provides hotels with Smart and secure TV solutions.

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Hannah Forbes

Hannah Forbes

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Forbes Professional provides hotels with Smart and secure TV solutions.

An in-room TV is a key focal point, and guests’ interaction with that screen will impact heavily on their perception of their stay.  The content offered on the TV will be of paramount importance and guests are used to having access to catch-up and subscription channels and arrive expecting a home from home experience. Whilst there has been a move away from fully fledged TV systems, prescribed, scheduled programmes will not suffice on a hotel TV.

The challenge for the hoteliers has been delivering a SMART yet secure experience.  With hotel guests carrying a plethora of personal devices with them, connectivity is the way forward when it comes to delivering upon expectations. There are many options available for casting and streaming content but it is important to implement a hotel specific solution to ensure that the security of guests’ details is not compromised.

Forbes Professional offers simple, one-touch access solutions for casting and streaming content from personal devices to the in-room TV without compromising the security of guests’ details and passwords.  We have found that Philips’ MediaSuite TVs are proving a popular choice amongst our hoteliers.  Built-in Chromecast technology and seamless usability  blend with astounding visuals for an impressive guest experience.  Users can effortlessly stream their favourite shows, music, sport or games from their portable devices to the big screen.  Amazon, YouTube and Google Play are all accessible without compromising any password security or going through protracted sign-in processes. Users simply tap the Chromecast icon on their Smart device and start streaming content from hundreds of cast-enabled apps.

When complemented by our built-in information channel, General Managers and marketing teams can deliver informative and promotional content directly to the in-room screens.  All information can be updated remotely and in real-time for fully optimised, high impact messaging.

When choosing new in-room TVs, there are many considerations as well as content including design, functionality, cabling and budget allowances. Forbes has a team of experts that offer complimentary site surveys to guide hoteliers through the latest technological advances and ensure that the right choices are made for their specific requirements.

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