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17 August 2022/General

Does your gas laundry facility comply with the latest regulations?

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Hannah Forbes

Hannah Forbes

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Does your gas laundry facility comply with the latest regulations?

Many care home operators are finding that their in-house laundry operations require further investment in order to meet the latest industry requirements.  This is most notable for those with gas appliances. Amendments to standards include a doubling of the required distance at which gas dryer ventilation need to be positioned away from windows, doors and other apertures. There is also a new requirement for gas isolation shut-off valves to be positioned by entry doorways. Legislation changes such as this can necessitate a complete reconfiguring of the laundry room layout, incurring a potentially huge cost and inconvenience.

Forbes Professional offers complimentary site surveys and help ensure that all of our clients fully adhere to the applicable regulations when establishing an on premises laundry facility. Our teams of experts work closely with clients through the planning stages and can provide comprehensive CAD designs as well as transparent cost calculations.  When legislative changes are coupled with the extra running costs of gas appliances as well as safety concerns, Forbes would always advise that care homes install electric commercial laundry equipment in preference to gas appliances.  However, if a care homes particularly wishes to have gas appliances, our gas safe engineers will fully install and commission the equipment and provide a same/ next say service response.

Should you have any questions concerning the regulation compliance of your laundry operation, our team of experts would happily advise you.

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