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7 December 2022/PBSA

Forbes delivers an efficient laundry solution for newly constructed student accommodation.

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Hannah Forbes

Hannah Forbes

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Forbes delivers an efficient laundry solution for newly constructed student accommodation.

Forbes Professional’s commercial laundry team were recently approached by an existing client that was looking for a complete solution for their new 700 bedroom purpose built student accommodation.  We helped guide the client through planning and development stages to a seamless installation and will now support them with our multi-award winning service provision. Our National Account Manager John Dobbs worked closely with the PBSA, architects, construction company and site managers. John attended site planning meetings and provided detailed CAD designs detailing requisite electrical supplies, ducting and plumbing as well as machine and payment system configuration.

Sustainability was at the core of all decision making and Miele’s Little Giant commercial laundry equipment was ideally suited to this requirement. Miele commercial washing machines and dryers are impressively energy and water efficient; minimising consumption whilst enabling a perfect clean.  We have also provided auto-dosing equipment to ensure that the right amount of detergent and fabric conditioner is used for each cycle, optimising the wash and eliminating waste.  We would always highly recommend auto-dosing as it really keeps things simple for the students and makes the laundry process far more efficient, reducing maintenance requirements. Miele’s commercial washing machines and dryers are exquisitely designed to be highly user friendly and durable, making them a great choice for an installation such as this where the machines will need to sustain seven day/ week multi-use operation.

Our qualified team of in-house gas and electrical engineers installed all of the plumbing and electrical infrastructure, complete with all necessary ducting and  wiring. We also built a Unistrut framework to encase the services and enable us to readily complete any maintenance or service work going forward.  At the point of delivery, our laundry equipment, central payment system and auto-dosing machines were all fully connected to the infrastructure and commissioned for safe use. As with their previous sites, our client will also have access to our comprehensive service support for this laundry operation, provided by our expansive team of field engineers.

Should you be considering establishing or upgrading a laundry function for a university or PBSA accommodation, contact our Student Laundry Consultant, Laura Spearing at laura.spearing@forbes-professional.co.uk. With almost 100 years of operation, we pride ourselves in delivering a consultative service and helping you find the right solution for your students’ laundry requirements.

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