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12 March 2024/STUDENTS

Forbes has noted a shift towards more student-centric laundry solutions.

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Hannah Forbes

Hannah Forbes

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Forbes has noted a shift towards more student-centric laundry solutions.

Forbes Professional has recently noticed a significant shift in demand from universities and PBSAs who have previously sought to optimise revenue streams through managed laundry solutions. The traditional model of profiting from managed laundry solutions is giving way to a more student-centric approach, driven by an acute awareness of the financial strain on students and a desire to alleviate this burden. This pivot reflects a broader recognition within the industry that universities have a responsibility to support their students beyond academic pursuits, particularly in times of economic uncertainty.

One notable manifestation of this shift is the increasing adoption of rental models for laundry services within PBSAs and university accommodation. By choosing rental solutions, universities and PBSA operators gain greater control over their laundry operation whilst simultaneously ensuring access to a comprehensive  laundry appliance service support. The rental models allow universities and PBSA operators to tailor their offerings to meet the diverse needs of their student populations. Whether through flexible pricing structures or partially or entirely free vend options, this approach enables institutions to provide value-added services that prioritise student well-being over profit margins.

By removing financial barriers and offering free or subsidised laundry services, universities can ensure that all students have equal access to essential amenities, regardless of their socio-economic background. This inclusive approach helps to foster a more equitable and supportive community. By prioritising student well-being over profit margins, universities and PBSA operators are demonstrating a commitment to supporting their students through challenging times and helping to create a positive student experience.


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