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30 October 2017/Insight

Dairies Cut Costs with Re-Usable Udder Wipes and In-House Laundry Operations.

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Hannah Forbes

Hannah Forbes

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Dairies Cut Costs with Re-Usable Udder Wipes and In-House Laundry Operations.

UK dairy farms are moving away from disposable udder wipes and looking for a more cost efficient and environmentally friendly solution.

Re-usable udder cloths can enable significant financial savings and eliminate unnecessary waste without compromising the condition or cleanliness of the dairy. However, it is essential that an appropriate commercial laundry function is in place to ensure that the requisite hygiene standards are maintained. Prior to milking, the key dairy requirement is to ensure that each cow’s teats are efficiently cleaned in order to minimise the risk of high bacterial cell counts or Mastitis. There is a direct correlation between the farm's ability to reduce the incidences of such occurrences and their ability to maximise on the price of the milk that is produced.

The volume of laundry that is generated will depend on the herd size but with cows being milked several times each day, the turnover of cloths used is always extremely high within a dairy environment. As such, an industrial machine needs to be employed as they are engineered to be robust and durable enough to handle the daily throughput. Our Miele machines provide both sluice and thermal disinfection to ensure adherence with the most stringent hygiene regulations. These commercial washing machines are highly programmable and can be set according to the load requirements. For the processing of dairy cloths, it is ideal that they are programmed so as to retain some residual moisture at the end of the wash in order to be immediately ready for the point of use.

Our industrial washing machines are perfectly complemented by our auto-dosing machines, further enhancing the process by always insuring that the appropriate quantity of detergent is dispensed. This eradicates and waste from spillages and eliminates user error.

With the wholesale price of dairy products in decline, it is essential that farmers look to make cost savings, and streamline their processes. Using re-usable udder cloths and laundering them in-house is a cost effective system that considerably improves business performance. Our Miele commercial washing machines comply with the necessary water board, hygiene and food safety regulations for a dairy environment and are available for sale, lease or rental. With flexible finance solutions, clients can avoid upfront capital outlay and gain access to premium brands with full installation, ongoing detergent provision and a comprehensive service support service.

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