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29 October 2017/General

A New ‘Invisible’ TV Delivers a High Impact

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Hannah Forbes

Hannah Forbes

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A New ‘Invisible’ TV Delivers a High Impact

A lot of time and money is invested in the design of a hotel bedroom in order to create a stylish and welcoming space.

However, despite not being an item that hoteliers would ideally incorporate into the aesthetic of that space, a television is an absolute necessity in any guest room that inevitably becomes a central focal point. With the hotel standards for screen sizes ever increasing, the result is that a very large, highly reflective black screen invariably dominates bedrooms. However, there is now an alternative.

Forbes Professional will be showcasing Samsung's new Frame TV at the Independent Hotel Show. The Frame enhances its surroundings, wherever it is placed. When not being used as a television, this stylish screen serves as a high impact digital frame for displaying artwork or photographs and makes a striking impression on any wall. Pre-loaded with 100 pieces of art and with access to 300 more from renowned global artists, you can find a piece to suit any interior design and to become a talking point for each guest. The framework itself is customizable to suit the environment with black bezel, beech, white and metal options that easily snap into place.

Every element of this 4K HDR PRO television’s design is of the highest quality. With over a billion shades of colour and four times the resolution of HD, the picture quality is incredibly lifelike with rich contrast and great depth. The art mode feature comes into play when guests are not watching the television and the screen comes with built in motion sensors that can be set to turn the screen off at a designated point after it senses that there is no-one in the room. To further conserve energy, when it senses that the room is dark, it can also be set to turn itself off. The Frame also has a brightness sensor, which intelligently detects the ambient light and adjusts the display settings so that the artwork always looks it best.

If you are looking for something that will give your hotel rooms an extra edge, impressing your guests whist enhancing the interior design, come and see this amazing television for yourselves.

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