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23 November 2018/Insight

A Complete Laundry Solution, from CAD Designs to Maintenance

Hannah Forbes

Hannah Forbes

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A Complete Laundry Solution, from CAD Designs to Maintenance

Forbes Professional understands that specifying and designing a commercial laundry function is a complicated process and we work closely with clients through planning and design stages. For new-build or renovation projects, we conduct early site- surveys so as to advise upon all the practical and logistical considerations for the space available. The physical layout, access and processing requirements will impact heavily upon the equipment choices. We can deliver CAD designs detailing the proposed layout as well as the electrical, plumbing and ventilation requirements. We also advise upon duct lengths, hoses, ventilation and water and power supplies.

Design fundamentals such as sink locations, storage area, sorting areas and flooring all need to be considered in the construction phases. Full compliance with CQC and WRAS stipulations is essential and Best Practice requires provision of clean and dirty areas so as to avoid any cross-contamination. This can necessitate a separate access for dirty laundry and exit for clean laundry as well as a distinct storage area for clean washing.

Forbes Professional advises on the necessary compliance issues and provides all of the guidance, resources and support needed. We offer a wide range of commercial laundry appliances from Miele, Primus and Maytag that adheres to stringent hygiene stipulations. Our engineers fully install and commission all equipment and deliver a same/next day engineer response service.

Sample CAD illustration of a Forbes Professional machine layout plan
Sample CAD illustration of a Forbes Professional machine layout plan

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