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4 January 2023/Miele

Miele laundry machines and commercial dishwashers awarded for their hygiene standards.

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Hannah Forbes

Hannah Forbes

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Miele laundry machines and commercial dishwashers awarded for their hygiene standards.

Forbes carefully select our manufacturers to ensure that we offer our clients the highest standards of both product and service. As a proud national distribution partner to Miele, we instal and maintain their exquisitely manufactured laundry and dishwashing machines to a wide range of sectors across the UK.

Miele is renowned for producing highly energy, water and user efficient appliances that deliver on every level.  Their machines are designed to meet the most exacting hygiene standards and are recommended for healthcare applications.  Following hard on the heels of their coveted golden virus seal of approval for meeting impressive hygiene standards outside the healthcare sector, the Institute for Integrative Hygiene and Virology has once again commended Miele commercial appliances. In particular, Miele washing machines and commercial dishwashers from the most recent generations have now received the sought after seal in black as a testimony to even higher standards.

This seal of approval is awarded by an independent team of experts, based on information collated through a survey on hygiene excellence by the Institute for Integrative Hygiene and Virology – InFluenc_H. Miele's 6-8kg  Little Giants washing machine series  and the new 12-14kg benchmark machines achieved recognition for deactivating more than 99.9% of all viruses at temperatures of 70°C or 75°C. To cater for applications in hygienically sensitive areas, these machines also feature thermal and chemo-thermal disinfection programmes for extra protection.

The parameters crucial to disinfection are monitored continuously by Miele commercial equipment, by the employment of impressive array of hygiene and safety functions.  If the water temperature drops below requisite hygiene levels, the programme will be  immediately terminated, and the display will indicate an error code. The temperature chart can also be monitored via the Miele online portal. If a commercial washing machine is connected to a Miele auto-dispensing system, the correct volumes of chemical detergents are guaranteed, and early warnings are issued when levels are low. Miele technology also ensures that programmes lock once started in order to prevent premature termination of the wash process. Furthermore, after the disinfection phase, no further water is taken in via the detergent dispenser, which  significantly reduces the risk of recontamination. Information on the parameters reached is displayed at the end of programmes. The Miele PFD 407 with its Vario TD programme was previously awarded the gold seal of approval and now has received the black virus seal too for offering thermal disinfection that was only otherwise familiar from the medical sector.

Miele produces machines that are capable of removing more than 99.99% of enveloped and non-enveloped viruses; including Coronavirus, influenza and the Norovirus.  With hygiene of paramount importance in all environments, ask Forbes Professional’s team of experts which machines will maintain the highest levels of infection control within your laundry operation.

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