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8 February 2023/Advice

Seven reasons why OPLs are a more sustainable and efficient choice.

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Hannah Forbes

Hannah Forbes

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Seven reasons why OPLs are a more sustainable and efficient choice.

Forbes Professional delivers laundry solutions to a wide range of sectors, with clients including; hotels, hospitals, the emergency services, veterinary practices, leisure centres and spas. Our clients approach us looking to establish an on-site laundry facility that will enable them to increase the quality and flexibility of their laundry operation, lowering the costs and reducing the impact on the environment.

Our team of consultants are experts in their field and work closely with each client to deliver the right solution for their specific requirements. Where clients are looking to bring their laundry function back in house, we can work closely with them throughout the planning and design stages to create a highly efficient laundry solution. As part of our consultancy process, we provide complimentary site surveys which enable us to assess the proposed site and ascertain the costs of the existing laundry process. Our team can then provide you with a cost calculation for our proposed solution, detailing any projected savings by bringing your laundry process in-house. We can provide CAD drawings of the laundry room concept, detailing all the requisite electrical and plumbing infrastructure.  We can also help you to structure efficient process flows within the laundry room and throughout the laundry logistics, ensuring that the room layout readily enables the requisite segregation of dirty and clean wash loads.

Our Miele commercial laundry equipment provides a robust and energy efficient laundry solution that can handle high throughput with ease. Where required, and depending on the whether the client will also be providing self-service laundry equipment, we can provide payment systems that will allow for simple one step contactless transactions. We also offer auto-dosing equipment which minimises waste and optimises the wash quality by ensuring that the right amount of detergent is dispersed for each wash.

As part of the laundry implementation, our in-house engineers not only deliver, install and commission all equipment for safe use. We also offer comprehensive staff or user training to ensure that the equipment will be used to its best potential, making best use of our machines’ energy and water efficiency.

An OPL helps you to  take back control of your laundry operation. The key benefits to our clients are:

1.     Independence

An on-premise laundry function enables you to control your own operating costs, freeing you from market price fluctuations.  It also relinquishes you from the stress of delayed laundry returns.  By choosing Forbes Professional, you know that you have a reliable service partner for the equipment to help you deliver a consistency.

2.     Product efficiency

By choosing our Miele equipment, clients receive durable, user-friendly and highly efficient laundry machines. Highly programmable with a range of innovative features, Miele commercial laundry equipment delivers hygienic results whilst protecting fabrics.

3.     Financial efficiency

By choosing Forbes, you can avoid costly upfront payments by leasing your commercial laundry equipment. There are no repairs and replacement costs for the life of the contract, which helps with budgeting and forecasting.

4.     Sustainability

An OPL does not require long  journeys for laundry transportation, making it less impactful on the environment. Furthermore, by choosing to lease Miele’s highly energy and water efficient machines you are supporting a responsible circular economy.

5.     Flexibility

When unexpected situations arise, you can react internally to them, deploying staff as needed to allow for differing influxes of washing.  You can also leverage from Miele’s ‘peak load system’ to ensure that machines are not demanding power at the same time.

6.     Infection control

With both sluice and thermal disinfection and dedicated disinfection programmes, our Miele commercial laundry machines meet the most stringent hygiene standards which is why we have installed them into both private and NHS hospitals.

7.     Service satisfaction

After almost 100 years’ of operation, we continue to deliver an industry leading, local-based response on a national basis. Should our equipment need a repair or service our aim is always to dispatch an engineer to site the same/next day, at no cost to the client.

For more information as to how we can help you establish an OPL, please contact one of our friendly consultants on 0345 070 2335.

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