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2 May 2024/Hotel TV

Revolutionising the Hotel TV Experience with secure access to Netflix and Beyond.

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Hannah Forbes

Hannah Forbes

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Revolutionising the Hotel TV Experience with secure access to Netflix and Beyond.

For the hospitality industry, providing guests with a memorable experience goes beyond the provision of comfortable beds and excellent service. With the rise of digitalisation, guests expect a home-away-from-home experience, and a key component of that is the in-room entertainment system. At Forbes Professional, we understand the importance of integrating cutting-edge technology to enhance guest satisfaction whilst prioritising data security.

Enhancing Hospitality with Innovative Integration

Our hotel TV systems are designed to seamlessly blend informative and promotional content with a plethora of on-screen entertainment options. Through integration, we enable interactive capabilities, allowing guests to peruse hotel facilities, order room service, and access essential information at the touch of a button. By digitalising hotel directories and eliminating costly in-room stationery, we streamline the guest experience whilst reducing waste and operational costs.

Ensuring Data Security as a Fundamental Priority

Forbes always prioritises the security of guests' data. Whether through cloud-based or server-based solutions, our systems are engineered to safeguard sensitive information, ensuring GDPR compliance and enabling peace of mind for both guests and hoteliers.

Tailored Solutions for Hotels and Serviced Apartments

We understand that every hotel has unique requirements and budget constraints. That's why we offer three distinct solutions: Prestige, Premium, and Platinum. Each solution is carefully curated to provide the level of service that best suits our clients' specific needs.

  • Prestige: Offering accessible connectivity and secure data protection, this solution provides essential features such as a welcome page, information channels, and electronic program guides.
  • Premium: In addition to the features of Prestige, Premium offers seamless guest messaging, news and weather feeds, smart apps, surveys, spa booking, and room service ordering.
  • Platinum: Our most comprehensive solution, Platinum, includes precision PMS integration, real-time messaging, personalised information, express checkout, and remote diagnostics, among other features.


Enabling Secure Access to Netflix and Casting

In an era where streaming services like Netflix have become an integral part of entertainment consumption, we understand the importance of providing guests with access to their favourite content. Our hotel TV systems support casting, allowing guests to securely stream content from their personal devices to the in-room screens, including popular platforms like Netflix. This ensures that guests can enjoy a personalised entertainment experience that is simple to navigate, whilst maintaining the highest standards of data security.

With a wealth of industry experience, Forbes Professional is committed to revolutionising hotel TV systems by combining cutting-edge technology with uncompromising data security and our unparalleled service support. With our tailored solutions and secure content access, we empower hotels to enhance guest satisfaction and increase operational efficiency.

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