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2 October 2023/Business News

Elevate the Hotel TV Experience with Forbes Professional

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Hannah Forbes

Hannah Forbes

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Elevate the Hotel TV Experience with Forbes Professional

In the ever-evolving landscape of the hospitality industry, Forbes Professional remains  a leading national supplier of hotel TV solutions, delivering transformative  in-room entertainment experiences.  We are looking forward to demonstrating our latest TV systems at The Independent Hotel Show 2023.

Whether catering to boutique hotels, serviced apartments, or large hotel chains, Forbes offers tailor-made solutions that not only enhance the guest's viewing experience but also streamline operations and boost revenue for their clients. Forbes Professional is proud to work with  top manufacturers of hospitality TVs and highly skilled software developers. This enables them to provide a diverse array of platforms for delivering informative and promotional content, all while ensuring the highest level of security. Each solution is meticulously integrated by specialist engineers and fully backed by Forbes’ multi-award-winning service support.

Benefits of TV Systems?

  1. Enhance Hospitality and Increase Guest Satisfaction: Forbes recognises that the in-room entertainment system plays a pivotal role in guest satisfaction. By integrating software onto hotel TVs, they seamlessly blend informative and promotional content with a wide range of on-screen entertainment options, enhancing both revenue and guest experience. Interactive capabilities, such as accessing hotel facilities or ordering room service, further elevate the guest journey.
  2. Improve Guest Communication: High-impact scheduled or real-time messaging can be displayed on in-room screens, enhancing guest engagement.
  3. Eradicate Costly In-Room Stationery: Forbes's TV systems eliminate the need for outdated in-room stationery, reducing waste and associated printing costs.
  4. Promote Hotel Facilities: These systems empower hotels to increase sales and revenue by promoting spa or golf facilities and highlighting special offers.
  5. Digitalise Checkout and Room Service Orders: Streamline the guest journey with digitalised room ordering and express checkout.
  6. Improve Operational Efficiency: On-screen payment access frees up staff time and minimises reception queues, enhancing efficiency.

Prestige, Premium or Platinum?

Forbes Professional simplifies the selection process by offering three distinct solutions, each catering to different budgets and requirements:

  1. Prestige - Accessible Connectivity: This package provides simple access to the connectivity guests expect. It includes a welcome page, information channels, EPG, and QR code integration. Compatible with all TVs and easily activated via existing COAX infrastructure, it ensures data protection and independent TV control.
  2. Premium - Seamless Guest Messaging: The Premium package takes the guest experience a step further. It blends welcoming and informative messaging with TV widgets, news feeds, Smart apps, casting, QR integration, and more. It doesn't require new cabling or Wi-Fi capabilities and offers remote tuning and diagnosis, ensuring a secure user experience.
  3. Platinum - Precision PMS Integration: The Platinum solution is the pinnacle, enabling on-screen payments, seamless system management, on-screen bill viewing, digitalised room service ordering, automated check-in/out, and express checkout. This advanced system also offers personalised messaging, Netflix compliance, weather information, casting capabilities, remote diagnostics, and more, catering to the most discerning guests while improving operational efficiency.

In-room entertainment is being redefined with solutions that not only meet but exceed the expectations of modern travellers.

Come and talk to our expert consultants on Stand 1538 at The Independent Hotel Show, Olympia, London, 16-17 Oct 2023.  Discover how we can help you enhance operational efficiency and boost revenue whilst ensuring data security and guest satisfaction.

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