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19 November 2020/Announcement

Miele’s new generation Little Giants continue to raise the standards in commercial laundry.

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Hannah Forbes

Hannah Forbes

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Miele’s new generation Little Giants continue to raise the standards in commercial laundry.

Forbes Professional is excited to announce our launch of Miele’s new generation Little Giants. These powerful commercial laundry machines deliver exceptional results whilst minimising their footprint in the room. It is no wonder that Little Giants have been the product of choice for over one million commercial applications, and this new generation combines even more advanced technology with their exceptional German engineering to enable the ultimate cleaning and hygiene performance. Miele have truly lived up to their ‘Immer Besser’ (‘Forever Better’) logo, improving on what was already a market leading range of equipment.

For the new Little Giants, Miele have replaced their 5.5kg and 6.5kg capacity machines with new 6kg, 7kg and 8kg drum capacities, catering to larger load requirements. In terms of energy efficiency, they once again set new standards, delivering staggeringly fast turnarounds with an impressive short wash cycle of 49 minutes and express cycle of 25 minutes. Heat pump technology combines with PerfectDry technology, significantly minimising drying times by sensing the amount of residual moisture in the load, reducing energy use by up to 30 percent and ensuring no damage is done to fabrics through over drying. Automated, precise use of water, energy and detergent supports sustainability targets and reduces running costs whilst minimising resource consumption.

With hygiene being of paramount importance, especially in this COVID era, it is important to ensure that each wash meets the requisite high temperatures. The new generation washers exceed the requirements for enhanced hygiene control, ensuring a hygienic end result after each wash. The machines are highly programmable and intuitive and feature a host of innovative features that are designed to increase user efficiency and reduce the workload. There is a tailored wash cycle for all fabrics and load requirements and no-fuss, wide ranging connectivity options to enable remote monitoring and control.

WRAS approved to the highest level, Category 5, we would recommend these commercial laundry machines to clients from within all industries, from care homes, hospitals, surgeries and veterinary practices to hotels, restaurants, hair and beauty salons and farming environments.  We fully anticipate the stackable Miele PWM 908 8kg washer and the PDR 908 8kg heat pump dryer being our most popular commercial laundry machines this year. They provide a compact system that offers exceptional flexibility, user convenience, economy and performance, with super fast cycles and impressively low energy and water consumption. The famous honey-combed drum will deliver fluffy towels for our hotels whilst our healthcare clients will know that their stringent hygiene standards are being maintained. We have a team of highly experienced account managers who provide complementary site surveys to ensure the right specification is made for each requirement. Our increasingly popular Complete Care solution enables first-class maintenance and repair support at no extra cost for the life of the contract, giving our clients the assurance of the highest quality of both product and service.

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