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15 August 2023/Commercial laundry

Maximising savings and efficiency through Forbes Professional's consultative laundry rental approach.

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Hannah Forbes

Hannah Forbes

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Maximising savings and efficiency through Forbes Professional's consultative laundry rental approach.

When looking for a commercial laundry solution, Forbes Professional stands out as a leading provider with its client-centric approach and unparalleled expertise. At the heart of our success is a consultative methodology that ensures every client receives a laundry rental solution tailored to their specific needs.

Forbes Professional provides comprehensive service packages with inclusive delivery, installation, commissioning, and ongoing maintenance, to ensure a hassle-free experience for clients. Forbes’ consultative approach also enables us to ensure that we can truly optimise both savings and efficiency. By providing solutions that extend beyond the surface, we empower clients to make informed decisions that have a profound impact on their operations and bottom line. Forbes’ consultants deliver detailed calculations of cost projections, with an emphasis on the importance of whole life cost analysis.

Whilst rental relinquishes clients of the burden of large upfront payments, Forbes Professional recognises that making informed decisions goes beyond looking at initial expenses and procurement or rental prices. Our team educates clients on energy-efficient solutions, exemplified by the remarkable 70% energy savings achievable with heat pump dryers compared to standard condenser dryers. To underscore the advantages of Forbes’ strategy,our analysis for a new client recently resulted in a staggering projected running cost saving of £1,000,000 throughout the contract's duration.

Forbes’ meticulous approach translates into not only cost savings but also environmental responsibility, as energy-efficient equipment contributes to a greener footprint. Our dedication to creating value for clients by optimising efficiency and minimising costs is a key differentiator.  Choosing Forbes Professional means opting for more than just laundry solutions; it's a commitment to a partnership that prioritises your specific needs, long-term benefits, and sustainability. In an era where sustainability, practicality and financial prudence are paramount, ourconsultative approach and focus on holistic value enables us to deliver transformative solutions to a wide range of clients across the UK.

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