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15 March 2023/Commercial laundry

Forbes Professional helps laundry clients as they target Passivhaus accreditation.

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Hannah Forbes

Hannah Forbes

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Forbes Professional helps laundry clients as they target Passivhaus accreditation.

With environmental concerns becoming ever more pressing, Passivhaus accreditation provides a great framework for the next generation of sustainable building.  It is no surprise that the innumerable benefits of  ‘Passive House’ certification are being increasingly adopted by care homes and other shared accommodation providers including Local Authorities, universities and PBSAs. The necessary commitment to reducing carbon emissions requires that such building standards are applied widely throughout the UK. Furthermore, it is acknowledged that such conscious principals can deliver residents with a better space, and consequently a higher quality of life.

As Forbes Professional delivers commercial laundry appliance rental to a wide range of sectors across the UK, it is fundamental that we understand the unique requirements of each individual project. Clients that wish to adhere to Passivhaus standards require specialised attention to ensure that we work within all of the relevant guidelines for their specific environment.   As part of the larger picture, we are acutely aware that the efficiency of supply chains is critical to both our own carbon footprint and that of our clients.  We closely monitor the environmental and human impact of our products’ journeys and only work with manufacturers that share our commitment to ESG practices.

With sustainability being absolutely key to the entire design principal of Passivhaus, it is essential to source the most energy and water efficient commercial laundry appliances for each project. The exact specification would vary depending upon the individual requirements, but we think that Miele’s heat pump dryers and commercial washing machines are ideally suited for use in a Passivhaus. Their advanced technologies and water and energy-saving features significantly reduce consumption. Impressively, heat pump technology can reduce energy usage by 60%, when compared to standard condenser dryer solutions. Additionally, these exquisitely engineered German appliances are impressively quiet in operation, helping to maintain the peaceful space that Passivhaus’  are intended to create. It is always important to survey the site and consider the anticipated machine usage in order to calculate the optimum drum capacity and machine configuration.  Our experienced consultants always  assess any electrical, plumbing and access requirements for each project. We can use our expertise to guide Passivhaus clients through the planning and design stages, ensuring that we adhere to all of the relevant industry and building regulations for laundry provision.

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