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23 June 2020/Announcement

Forbes launches new multi-purpose hand sanitising digital signage.

Hannah Forbes

Hannah Forbes

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Forbes launches new multi-purpose hand sanitising digital signage.

As the UK navigates the re-opening of hotels, shops, schools, gyms and beauty salons in this Covid-19 era, hygiene will of utmost importance. Forbes is able to provide a new solution that can be employed across commercial, hospitality, retail, leisure and education sectors as well as in hospitals, care homes and pharmacies.

Our new digital signage screen incorporates a built-in sanitising station and enables contactless updates and lotion dispensing. Fully customisable digital content can be displayed via the integrated Android media player. The user-friendly and cost-effective software can combine multiple media zones; images, videos, webpages, scrolling texts and RSS feeds.  With plug and play capabilities,  displays can either be played over the internet or copied onto a USB stick and played on a continuous loop. It represents an invaluable opportunity for reinforcing essential social distancing and hygiene messages during these extraordinary times. Our teams can build the content to suit each individual client, with customised branding and logos.

These innovative displays can either be wall mounted or placed on a modern, stylish floor stand for easy portability.  As the screens feature a full metal enclosure and are built with commercial grade LED panels and components, they are an ideal choice for any public or commercial environment.

The sanitiser dispenser is fully automated, and releases a measured dose from the non-spray, non-clog and non-drip dispense valve.  To reduce the risk of evaporation caused by larger tanks, this tank capacity is below one litre. This enables it to provide 875 doses whilst ensuring that the alcohol percentages are kept at an effective level. To complement this new product, Forbes offers a carefully selected range of detergents and hand sanitising liquids, for a complete end-to-end solution.

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