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18 July 2023/BTR

Forbes’ appliance rental delivers a seamless solution for BTR schemes.

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Hannah Forbes

Hannah Forbes

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Forbes’ appliance rental delivers a seamless solution for BTR schemes.

The Build-to-Rent sector has been rapidly gaining momentum as an innovative approach to meeting the evolving needs of the rental market. With the increasing demand for high-quality rental properties, property developers and investors are embracing this concept to create purpose-built residential communities. As a leading provider of appliance rental services, Forbes offers a seamless solution to meet the unique requirements of Build-to-Rent schemes. Our laundry and kitchen appliance rental solutions help developers and property managers streamline operations, enhance tenant satisfaction, and maximise their returns.

When furnishing their BTR sites, one of the key challenges faced by developers and property managers in the Build-to-Rent sector can be procuring and maintaining appliances. Forbes Professional's appliance rental services simplify the process by providing a comprehensive solution. From the initial installation to ongoing maintenance and service support, Forbes enables a streamlined response to multiple occupancy residences across the UK. Whilst BTR is a growth area, for many years we have worked extensively with serviced apartments, PBSAs, the MOD and sheltered and shared accommodation providers, where we provide and maintain fridges, freezers, hobs, cookers, dishwashers, laundry equipment and TVs for residents. Build-to-Rent schemes often involve large-scale developments with varying property sizes and configurations. Forbes understands this diversity and offers a range of kitchen and laundry appliances to accommodate different needs.

By centralising home and electrical appliance management, property managers can focus on core operations without the burden of individual appliance purchasing, maintenance, and repair. Forbes’ in-house engineers  fully commission all products for safe use,  ensuring  they are in excellent working condition and promptly addressing any repairs or replacements as needed. Our same/ next day service response minimizes downtime and inconvenience for tenants. We recognise the importance of offering modern, energy-efficient appliances that enhance the comfort and convenience of residents. By partnering with Forbes, property managers can access a wide range of high-quality appliances, ensuring that tenants benefit from the latest technology and most energy efficient equipment.

Forbes’ appliance rental services offer a sustainable and cost-effective solution for developers and property managers. With sustainability targets becoming increasingly pressing, choosing rental is also a more sustainable alternative than outright purchase as it supports the circular economy that we all need to urgently transition towards.  At the same tie, our rental options provide financial flexibility and help preserve cash flow by eliminating the need for large upfront capital expenditure. Additionally, our inclusive maintenance services relinquish our clients from the burden of unexpected repair or replacement expenses which helps with budgeting and forecasting.

Forbes can help optimise operations, reduce costs, and maximize returns. As the demand for BTR schemes continues to grow, Forbes Professional's commitment to delivering market leading appliance rental services positions us in perfect alignment these modern rental communities.

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