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16 June 2020/Hotel Television

A versatile, cost effective communication solution for hotels’ new reality.

Hannah Forbes

Hannah Forbes

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A versatile, cost effective communication solution for hotels’ new reality.

As we begin to see lockdown easing in the UK, the focus for hotels is still very much on pandemic-era strategies.  We are all acutely aware that, for the foreseeable future, hotels will need to offer a stripped-back service with new policies and procedures. Breakfast buffets will no longer be possible and room service will one of the key means of enabling food provision whilst maintaining the requisite social distancing measures.  Forbes offers a fully customisable information channel that can be used for communicating all essential information, including your latest restaurant and bar menus.

Cost effective means of communication

Our information only requires Freeview enabled televisions and a working internet connection. It can be deployed over existing aerial networks with no need for additional cables or hardware in the bedrooms.  We conduct complimentary site surveys to ensure that the exiting TVs and infrastructure would be fully compatible with our solution.

High impact, customisable messaging

Our information channel can be fully customised to blend informative and promotional information as well as live streams.  Or clients have always found it an invaluable means of communicating health and safety messaging. As we persevere in our management of COVID-19, this platform will represent an invaluable means of informing guests of the hotel’s latest policies and reinforcing essential safety messages.

Hygienic alternative to in-room stationery

As hotels re-open, avoiding the use of printed material and in-room stationery will be essential for minimising cross-contamination. Our platform offers a high impact, paper-free means of communication for displaying hotel menus and other informative and welcoming messaging directly on the in-room TV screens.

Real-time and remote update capabilities

All content is cloud-based and can be updated remotely, either in real-time or as pre-scheduled. There is no need for any third party involvement and it enables kitchen, front office and marketing teams to quickly and efficiently communicate with your hotel guests.

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