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Primus 20kg RX Line RX180
RX Line
Energy rating
Climate class
Electrical connection
3x380-415V+N 50/60Hz 3x440-480V 50/60Hz
Dimensions (mm)
H 1410 x W 890 x D 915
Key Features
  • Coin or CPS (Central Payment) version

  • Easy Soap - liquid soaps connectio

  • IP44 protection

  • Ergonomical Construction

  • Low water Energy Construction

  • USB+ RS485 plug (on the back panel)

The Primus RX180 is a 18kg rigid mounted commercial washer extractor with a low spin speed. This machine is ergonomically engineered and has a stylish stainless steel top panel, drum and hub as well as a large door for ease of loading an unloading. A large drain valve, programmable controls and low energy and water consumption make this a great choice of industrial washer extractor.

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  • Rigid mounted, normal spin, 100 G-factor
  • Stainless steel top panel & Anthracite grey front and side panels
  • Stainless steel drum and tub
  • Xcontrol - easy to use microprocessor
  • Patented Soap Hopper
  • High capacity water inlets (RX280)
  • Large drain valve (Ø 76 mm)
  • Easy access to all vital parts from the front
  • Large door opening for easy loading & unloading

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