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Forbes Professional provides a range of dishwashing and laundry solutions to the armed forces.

Forbes provides laundry products for barracks’ launderettes, integrated trade appliances and complete industrial laundry facilities for the MoD. Our team of experts work closely with clients to ensure that the right decisions are made from the planning and design stages through to product procurement. Our expansive team of field engineers then fully install and commission all equipment and deliver a first class maintenance service. 

Our commercial washers and dryers are robust and durable enough to withstand the toughest laundry demands of today’s armed forces. The machines deliver an optimum clean whilst gently protecting garments, to enable the immaculate end result that is required for MoD uniforms. To complement our laundry machines, we offer a range of auto-dosing equipment and chemical detergents as well as card or cash operated payment systems.  

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