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Miele Miele PT8000, PT8253, PT8333, PT8403, Lotus White Factual Side Angle View, Stainless Steel Factual Front View
Miele Commercial Dryer, Professional, Series PT8000, PT8253, PT8333, PT8403 Vario, Stainless Steel, Side View

Get help with leasing, renting or purchasing this product.

Get help with leasing, renting or purchasing this product.

Material No.
Energy rating
Climate class
Emissions data
<70 dB(A) re 20 µPa
Electrical connection
3N AC 380-415V 50HZ
Fuse Rating
Dimensions (mm)
H 1526 x W 1090 x D 1254
Key Features
  • Maximum Capacity

The Miele PT8403 tumble dryers offer large drying capacity with 16-20 kg capacity drums. The Profiltronic controls enable 10 fixed and 2 time controlled settings, for a highly programmable solution. The residual moisture levels can be adjusted to suit the specific load, as can the programme sequence indicators. This commercial tumble dryer provides fast, effective cycles whilst gently protecting the load and achieving impressively low energy consumption values. With three phase electric supply, this dryer can also be set up for coin operation.

Get help with leasing, renting or purchasing this product.

Get help with leasing, renting or purchasing this product.


  • Intelligent drum reversal
  • Axial airflow
  • Large-surface filter
  • PerfectDry
  • SoftLift drum ribs
  • AirRecycling
  • Low temperature function
  • Communication slot
  • Emergency switch-off
  • Machine-independent accessories

Construction type

Loading typeFront-loader
Load ratio1:25-1:20
Load in kg16
Maximum load in kg20
Drum typeStainless steel honeycomb drum
Door hingeleft

Controls list

ProgrammabilitySetting of defined parameters
User interfaceResidual moisture controlled
Time left display
Programme sequence indicator

Connections options

Payment system (optional)
Serial interface RS 232 (optional)
Optical interface for service access
Peak load cut-out/energy management (optional)

Performance list

Maximum evaporation capacity in l/hour6.7
Programme duration in min.44
Tested operating hours20,000

Dispensing name

Programme sequence indicator
Fascia panel with plain text
Selectable display languages

Test Certificates

Splash-proof safety rating IPX4
Complies with Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
Miele Professional PT8403 Dryer Technical Sheet

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