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Vincent House Installation

VIncent House, in Notting Hill, London, needed reliable Miele stackable coin-op machines to replace their old machines, which were costing a lot in maintenance.

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Miele 8/8kg Professional PWT6089 XL/PT7189
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Maria Tseluyko, apartment manager at Vincent House says "Vincent House is quite a unique place. It offers accommodation which provides you with an ensuite room. And we offer a full package that includes breakfast and dinner".

They came to Forbes, and they had a couple of issues. The machines they had were very old. And they were calling out a local company who were coming in, and it was costing a lot of money to fix the machines.

The beauty of the machines, being as they are, is that they're commercial machines. We thought quite a large room. There would be more space if we stack the machines, the dryers on top of the washing machines.

So when we looked for access, we looked at anywhere that a van can be parked. There wasn't a lot of space outside the back of the building, so we had to bring the machines from the road down the ramp.

Maria said, "We were looking for reliable machines, and Miele was one of the brands that we really wanted to go for. So Forbes came into the picture because you offer these machines. The prices and services are quite good, actually. And I would definitely recommend them to anyone".

Gill Russell, our National Account Manager adds, "They wanted us to look at the size of the machines that are required in terms of the amount of laundry that was being done. And also, they did want some sort of coin operation for the guests, that was easy to use.".

We're very proud to have been involved in this installation. And we've worked alongside Vincent House throughout the process. With Forbes, they received the complete care package, which includes five years' maintenance and warranty.

So if anything goes wrong, we have complete peace of mind that the company will come out and fix it very quickly. So now we've finished the installation.

We'll be offering same day or next day service. All our engineers are newly trained, and the service cost is-- it's all included. Communication with Forbes was brilliant, from pretty much the first call to the installation. And they were brilliant in saying what needs to be done so we were fully prepared.

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