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4 May 2023/News

Some things don't change..

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Hannah Forbes

Hannah Forbes

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Some things don't change..

When Queen Elizabeth II was coronated in 1953, the world was a very different place. However, Forbes’ consumer business was still busily providing televisions to customers to ensure that they could watch the ceremony. At that point, TV licences were only held by 1.1million people in the UK and almost 21 million people watched the Coronation in Britain.  There would have been a lot of people gathered around each of our tiny TV screens to watch the historical moment.

The Coronation of King Charles III takes place at a time when we all have TVs in our homes as well as big TV screens in bars, in gyms, in hospitals and care homes and our hotel guest rooms. We also all now have little  screens in our pockets but we will still come together to watch the ceremony on a shared screen, for a shared experience.  With ever-increasing TV screen sizes, exceptional picture and sound quality we will be able to truly immerse ourselves in this historic moment. Whether we choose to watch it at home or at the local pub, in the village hall or in the hotel foyer, we will be able to truly feel part of the big event. It will be very different to huddling around the tiny black and white CRTs of days gone by.

All the main channels will be showing the procession and service so our commercial clients will be able to deliver all the pomp and ceremony via BBC, ITV, BT,  SKY, Freeview or Virgin on their rented hospitality screens.  In a milestone moment for TV broadcasting, SKY News will be broadcasting the coverage in Ultra HD and the BBC is waiving licence fees for venues putting on community screenings.

Whether you watch the live coverage of the Coronation or not we hope you all enjoy the bank holiday weekend and make wonderful memories of this historic moment.

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