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5 December 2016

London Vet Show 2016

Hannah Forbes

Hannah Forbes

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London Vet Show 2016

Our commercial team were exhibiting our Miele commercial washers, dryers and hygiene dishwashers at the London Vet Show at Excel on 17-18th November 2016.

Our advisors offered a drop-in consultation to any visitors to our stand and advised upon industry guidelines for veterinary laundry functions.

A professional laundry operation is paramount in maintaining the required hygiene standards for any veterinary practice or animal care centre. Staining, excessive hair and fur build up and heavy soiling present animal care professionals with their own unique sanitary challenges and it is essential that commercial washers are employed to handle the daily laundry demands.

Forbes Professional for Veterinary Commercial Washers

All of our Miele washers offer both sluice and thermal disinfection to kill viruses and bacteria, and meet the stringent WRAS stipulations for a veterinary environment. For smaller practices, the Little Giant range of commercial washer and dryers with a wash time of 49 minutes offer excellent performance in a compact and stackable package. For larger facilities, Miele offers a range of higher capacity commercial washers that can handle loads up to 40kg.

Miele PG8059 Hygiene thermal dishwasher is perfect for feeding and drinking bowls. With fresh water intake for both main wash and final rinse and a final rinse temperature of 85◦C, thermal disinfection is assured.

We can also supply dosing equipment and detergent that offers further protection against cross-infection.

If you are considering changing your laundry and dishwashing equipment opening a new animal care practice and require advice on the right solution, please give contact us to see how we can help.

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