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22 September 2022/Company

Leasing laundry appliances gives control back to universities and PBSAs.

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Hannah Forbes

Hannah Forbes

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Leasing laundry appliances gives control back to universities and PBSAs.

For student laundry provision, there are many options available and managed laundry solutions can certainly represent a good hands-free approach for universities and PBSAs. However, it offers the university little ability to influence the vending charges that their provider sets. Indeed, when it comes to vending prices as well as forecasting and budgeting, renting washing machines and dryers offers far greater flexibility and visibility.

Forbes Professional is increasingly approached by both universities and PBSAs that are looking to lease their laundry equipment, taking back control of the laundry operation and achieving greater cost transparency. With fixed monthly charges for the equipment lease, all the revenue from the laundry room goes directly to our client. This enables them to set the vend charges for the students and amend them at their will. We are recently finding that more of the universities that we work with are in fact opting to charge students a fixed rate for free-vend access to washing machines and tumble dryers. This charge can even be amalgamated into the student room charge which simplifies the user experience and eliminates what can be a friction point for the student. It appears that as universities are striving to be ever more student-centric in their approach to services, there has been a movement towards fixed rates with the benefits of rental becoming ever more apparent. By renting their laundry appliances, our clients retain their inclusive service support but they can work with their students to find a payment structure that suits their requirements.

Whichever route a university or PBSA chooses for their laundry operation, Forbes Professional can deliver an end-to-end solution. Forbes Professional offers everything from managed laundry contracts to laundry and kitchen appliance leases. We can also provide auto-dosing equipment as well as managing chemical detergent provision. For more information on the various options available contact Forbes Professional’s team of industry experts.

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