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28 September 2020/Company

Forbes Professional Student Laundry Solutions. What do students want?

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Laura Spearing

Laura Spearing

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Forbes Professional Student Laundry Solutions. 
What do students want?

As a company, Forbes Professional has invested many hours speaking to students, listening to podcasts, reading reviews and essentially asking “what do students want?” The start of the 2020-2021 academic year has not been as anyone could have predicted. How students spend time on campus will have changed. How they interact with each other will have changed. How they attend lectures and interact with university staff will have changed. What will never change is the need to complete domestic chores.  

We take our responsibility to provide an excellence service seriously. We have worked alongside many universities in order to ascertain what could change to ensure that the students get the best user experience possible. One issue that we have come up against time and time again is the day to day management of the laundry facilities. Many of the students do not like to see the annual rise in wash and dry prices, especially when every penny counts. Forbes Professional recognised that there was an opportunity to hand the running of the laundry rooms back to the university. As a company, we have supplied white goods and appliances on rental agreements for a great number of years to many sectors, including boarding schools, shared accommodation, nursing accommodation and housing associations. Why should universities be any different?

In 2020 a top five UK university of significant international repute contacted Forbes Professional to discuss their new laundry facilities. The students were incredibly unhappy about rising laundry charges and the university had little ability to influence the charges that their provider was setting. With our Complete Care rental agreement the university is able to set its own wash and dry prices. They also keep all of the proceeds made from the laundry room and are able to discuss the prices with the students. This has enabled the flexibility wanted by both the students and the University.

We are proud that our rental solution has been so well received and we are excited about expanding our work with universities and facilitating change where needed.

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