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20 March 2023/vets

Forbes Professional helps vets maintain their stringent hygiene standards.

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Hannah Forbes

Hannah Forbes

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Forbes Professional helps vets maintain their stringent hygiene standards.

When it comes to infection control, veterinary practices need to implement stringent hygiene processes in order to prevent cross-contamination. With the inevitable blood, saliva, hair, faecal matter, fleas, mud and pathogens that are all inevitable realities, strict cleanliness procedures are essential for combatting infection risks.  When reviewing  their processes, it is essential for all vets to be mindful that laundry is central to maintaining the requisite hygiene standards;  protecting scrubs and uniforms as well as towels and animal bedding.

In order to ensure an industry compliant laundry operation within a veterinary practice, it is essential to use commercial laundry equipment as domestic laundry appliances are not sufficiently robust and won’t reliably kill infectious diseases. Domestic machines will also fail to meet the requirements of WRAS Category 5, which is essential for all healthcare applications in the UK, including vets.  Vets also need to ensure that their laundry appliances will meet and maintain high temperatures for specified amounts of times in order to be in line with current health guidelines. Furthermore, it is essential to ensure that the laundry process itself is fully compliant with industry requirements; appropriate PPE must worn at all times and there must be an allowance for the necessary segregation of dirty and clean items.

Forbes Professional works with veterinary practices to help ensure full adherence with all of the applicable regulations. As the proud national partner to Miele, we offer their water and energy efficient commercial washing machines and tumble dryers to veterinary practices across the UK.  Miele’s commercial laundry appliances are robust and reliable whilst offering impressively fast cycles and delivering both sluice and thermal disinfection.  Their commercial washers feature dump valves to ensure that any waste flows directly down the drain as opposed to down the pipes, avoiding contamination issues and eliminating problems arising from clogged animal hair or fur. All of Miele’s commercial washing machines are fully WRAS compliant to Category 5, with an air gap to prevent any backflow or freshwater contamination due to vets’ hazardous waste.

Forbes Professional’s consultants work closely with veterinary practices to help devise the right solution for their specific requirements whilst ensuring adherence to all of the necessary industry, hygiene and waterboard requirements.  All of our laundry equipment is fully installed and commissioned for safe use and we provide complimentary user training. With options for both appliance rental and purchase, we support clients with a same/ next day engineer response as we know that machine downtime is hugely disruptive.  Our popular Complete Care solution gives vets all of the benefits of our multi-award winning service at no extra cost for the life of the contract.

For more information on our laundry solutions for veterinary practices, contact our consultants on 0345 070 2331.


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