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30 October 2016/Company

Forbes Professional Delivers the Optimum Equine Laundry Solution

Hannah Forbes

Hannah Forbes

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Forbes Professional Delivers the Optimum Equine Laundry Solution

At Forbes Professional we understand that equine laundry is a very specialist area that requires large commercial machines to handle the processing of horse rugs, as well as saddlecloths halters and girths.

Equine laundry can be a messy business and the machines need to handle a lot of mud and horse hair. It is also essential that equestrian textiles are efficiently sanitised to reduce the risk of skin or fungal infections.

Forbes Professional is proud to offer a wide range of commercial laundry machines that are robust and durable enough to cope with the requisite heavy throughput of an equestrian environment. Our machines offer industry specific functionality, including specially designed programmes to clean and re-proof horse rugs and blankets.

Horse Saddle

Forbes always initiates each process with an on-site survey, in order to ascertain the specific requirements of the environment. Our laundry solutions are extremely simple to operate, and deliver fast cycles that are both water and energy efficient. Our in-house, fully trained engineers offer clients complimentary user training on all equipment to ensure that the machines are fully optimised.

Our Complete Care package gives access to on-premises laundry equipment without the upfront capital outlay. We offer a simple, fixed monthly payment structure that is 100% deductible against pre-tax profits and fully inclusive of a first class, same day breakdown response service.

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