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28 August 2020/Company

Forbes Professional advises on the latest trends in student laundry.

Hannah Forbes

Hannah Forbes

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Forbes Professional advises on the latest trends in student laundry.

Student laundry provision is always shaped by the latest technological innovations whilst focusing on continually optimising the user experience. In recent years there has been a significant shift to cater to the new cashless society. This will be ever more relevant in the new post COVID reality. Forbes has found that Universities want to provide machines that not only accept contactless card payments, but that are also compatible with global mobile solutions from Apple and Android pay as well as WeChat Pay for Chinese students. These payments methods are all more convenient than the complex top up cards solutions that used to be the preferred alternative to coin-operated machines. Students want a seamless, one step transaction that keeps things simple. Our centralised payment cloud portal works in perfect synergy with our laundry equipment, enabling remote management and delivering complete financial transparency for the client.

Notably, our luxury student accommodation providers or PBSAs are now looking for premium commercial laundry machines that are in keeping with their high spec apartment buildings. Our stainless-steel Miele commercial machines prove to be an ideal choice for these stylish accommodation blocks. Highly efficient new generation laundry machines minimise energy and water consumption to significantly lower utility bills. They are highly programmable and deliver impressively quick cycles, saving students time and generating more revenue. Student laundry functions have moved on from being basic rooms with a few plastic chairs. We are finding that our clients are increasing footfall by creating a stylish space with premium laundry equipment, a TV screen and comfortable seating.

Whilst managed laundry has been the traditional route for student accommodation, we are seeing greater take up for our Complete Care fixed rental contracts. Rental is a sustainable solution that gives access to premium laundry equipment without costly upfront capital outlay. A key benefit of rental is that it puts the accommodation provider in complete control of laundry pricing as opposed to it being set by the laundry supplier. A reliable service support means reduced down time through equipment breakdown. With no repair or replacement bills for the life of the contract and inclusive periodic maintenance checks, rental solutions give greater financial and logistical control to the accommodation provider whilst raising student satisfaction and improving user efficiency.

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Hannah Forbes
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