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16 August 2022/Company

Forbes' new depot will serve a rapidly expanding client base in the South West.

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Hannah Forbes

Hannah Forbes

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Forbes recently established a new service and business hub in Exeter. This depot is now our biggest in the South West of England and serves a large consumer base as well as a rapidly expanding  commercial rental base in the South West.  Ideally positioned, the depot gives great access to our clients in both Devon and Cornwall.

Established in 1926, Forbes remains a family business today, with long-standing family links to Dartmouth, Devon as well as Surrey and Sussex. Our commercial operation, Forbes Professional, has a wealth of clients across the South West from the hospitality, hotel and healthcare sectors. We provide a wide range of commercial laundry and ware washing appliances with a comprehensive service support that includes a multi-award winning same/ next day service response.  We are a nationwide operation, but our large network of in-house engineers delivers a highly responsive and local-based service response.  All of our vehicles are fully tracked for performance monitoring and to expedite our engineer responses. Our office-based teams are also trained to identify faults remotely where possible, maximising first-time fix rates and delivering a fast and efficient resolve to any issues that may arise.

We appreciate that laundry or ware-washing equipment failure can have far reaching consequences for the smooth running of our clients’ operations and we have built our business upon the delivery of trustworthy and efficient service.  Our clients know that they can depend on us when it matters.

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