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18 June 2024/heatpump

Forbes Helps Client Save a Projected 17 Tons of CO₂ per Year.

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Hannah Forbes

Hannah Forbes

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Forbes Helps Client Save a Projected 17 Tons of CO₂ per Year.

An Oxford-based retirement living complex recently undertook a significant upgrade of their laundry facilities, partnering with Forbes to deliver a state-of-the-art, cashless, and energy-efficient solution. The goal was to provide residents with a premium laundry experience that was easy to use and required no administrative hassle, utilising the latest advancements in technology.

Previously, the complex relied on old, domestic appliances that were not energy efficient. Recognising the need for an upgrade, our comprehensive consultation identified the perfect solution: the installation of three Miele PWM 307 commercial washers and three Miele PWM 307 commercial heat pump dryers. These high-performance machines are renowned for their durability, efficiency, and user-friendly design.

In addition to the new appliances, we integrated the Airwallet cashless payment system. Pairing a central pay terminal and a mobile app payment solution will offer flexibility around payments and will significantly simplify the laundry process for residents. This payment system not only enhances convenience but also reduces administrative tasks for the facility’s management.

The machines were pre-configured to ensure a seamless installation and commissioning process by our installation engineers. Our team then demonstrated the operation of the new laundry equipment to the residents, ensuring they felt confident and comfortable using the upgraded facilities.

One of the key features of this upgrade is the installation of heat pump dryers , which are highly energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, reducing carbon footprints and minimising running costs. By implementing heat pump technology, the site is projected to save 17 tons of CO₂ emissions annually, equivalent to the amount of CO₂ absorbed by 773 mature trees in one year. This substantial reduction in carbon footprint underscores our client’s commitment to sustainable living practices.

The retirement complex will now benefit from Forbes’ multi award-winning laundry service support, as provided by our qualified in-house engineers. Meanwhile, the residents will now enjoy a premium laundry experience that combines convenience, advanced technology, efficiency, and environmental responsibility.


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