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/Blog/ Forbes Ensure Nurseries meet Hygiene Guidelines with Miele Commercial Dishwashers and Washing Machines /
12 September 2016

Forbes Ensure Nurseries meet Hygiene Guidelines with Miele Commercial Dishwashers and Washing Machines

Hannah Forbes

Hannah Forbes

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Forbes Professional makes Miele's premium laundry and dishwashing appliances accessible to nurseries. Ideally suited to a nursery environment, our commercial appliances are fully WRAS compliant and adhere to the latest Health and Safety Guidelines, whilst achieving a fast and efficient clean. Infection control is of paramount importance in any childcare environment, and preventing cross contamination is fundamental.

Our Speed Plus commercial dishwashers can complete a wash cycle in 5 minutes, and offer hygiene specific programmes which are in line with the stringent requirements of the child care industry. Our commercial washing machines and tumble dryers deliver a quick cycle whilst providing both sluice and thermal disinfection, to kill viruses and bacteria. All of our Miele commercial washers are robust and durable, to cope with the continuous demands of a busy day nursery.

In a childcare environment a domestic machine will simply not suffice. Not only will it not meet the requisite hygiene standards, but it will not be built to withstand the volume of loads that are created in such an environment. Our Complete Care solution gives access to the very best in commercial laundry and dishwashing appliances, without the upfront capital outlay or associated repair costs.

We always provide a complimentary on-site survey, in order to ascertain each client's bespoke requirements. Forbes Professional has a nationwide network of manufacturer trained, in-house engineers who fully install all equipment and deliver an unrivalled same day response service.

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