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6 April 2017/Company

Dosing Systems and Detergents

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Hannah Forbes

Hannah Forbes

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Dosing Systems and Detergents

Forbes Professional Adds Dosing Systems and Detergents to their Product Range to Provide a Complete Laundry Solution.

There is a huge demand from within the industry for commercial washers that have integrated, programmable systems to enable auto-selection, as opposed to employing an external dosing module that requires manual programming for each wash.

Forbes Professional have responded to our clients’ requirements and are now able to provide an end-to-end laundry solution, from the initial site survey and subsequent installation to our comprehensive service support and ongoing detergent provision.

Our new chemical dosing pumps are programmable from the machine to ensure that the correct quantity of detergent is dispersed for each wash.  This technology is invaluable in a commercial laundry environment as it avoids unnecessary waste and eliminates user error. It also significantly streamlines the laundry process and frees up valuable staff time. The dosing pumps employ a Venturi system which can be more durable than other methods using traditional tubes that are prone to frequent wear and need periodic replacement.

We provide a range of chemicals including low temperature detergents that kill viruses and bacteria, including MRSA and C-Difficile. This is particularly useful for the processing of synthetic or woollen fabrics in a healthcare environment.

Our team of experts help companies of all sizes, from small, independent organisations to large, nationwide multi-site groups to procure and maintain the laundry solutions that suit their specific environment. We understand that an efficient laundry operation is critical to the running of a successful business and our all-inclusive Complete Care package gives access to premium brands and a first class engineer response without upfront capital investment.

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