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Get help with leasing, renting or purchasing this product.

Get help with leasing, renting or purchasing this product.

Material No.
Energy rating
Climate class
Emissions data
<70 dB(A) re 20 µPa
Electrical connection
3 AC 440V 60HZ
Fuse Rating
Dimensions (mm)
H 1468 x W 1090 x D 1130
Key Features
  • Maximum Capacity
  • Spin speed in rpm

The PW 811 Performance Plus 11-12kg washer is the new benchmark for this category. These machines achieve excellent wash results whilst offering short cycles and impressively low energy consumption. These machines achive 20% less water and 30% less energy than the previous generation. Parameters such as spin speed and temperature can be adjusted to suit the load requirements and features such as the OneFingerTouch system and the direct access buttons make for an extremely user friendly process. The new helix suspension system stabilises the load for a smoother cycle and the new heating system delivers improved efficiency. Load sizes can be set to reduce energy, water and detergent consumption accordingly.

Get help with leasing, renting or purchasing this product.

Get help with leasing, renting or purchasing this product.


  • Patented pre-spin
  • Cloth reprocessing
  • Imbalance monitoring
  • Efficient scoop-and-ladle ribs
  • Spring-in-spring system
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Special heater element
  • Automatic load control Plus
  • Volumetric flow meter
  • Weighing plinth
  • Communication slot
  • Emergency switch-off
  • Machine-independent accessories

Construction type

Drum volume in l80
Door opening [Ø] in mm370
Door opening angle in degrees180
Maintenance-free motor with frequency converter

Controls list

Max. delay start in h24
Time left display
Programme sequence indicator
Selectable display languages

Connections options

Payment system
Optical interface for service access
Serial interface module RS 232 (optional)
Peak load cut-out/energy management (optional)
Operating data acquisition
Water recovery (optional)

Performance list

Specific water consumption for hot water connection in l/kg8.25
Specific energy consumption for hot water connection in kWh/kg0.06
Residual moisture with cold rinse in %49
Residual moisture with hot rinse in %44
g factor460
Tested operating hours30,000

Test Certificates

Splash protection IPX4
Complies with Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC

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